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नमस्ते namaste and welcome to Learning Hindi! We teach the beautiful language of Hindi in short, easy and fun lessons. Best of all, everything is completely free!
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Hindi Vowels

So as we learnt in the Introduction section, Hindi words, in the exact same way as English ones, are composed of Vowels and Consonants. In Hindi all the vowels come at the start of the alphabet. We’re going to begin by learning the vowels! Heres a little sneak peak of all the vowels in Hindi…

Don’t you think they look really confusing and alien? Well, don’t you worry, it won’t stay like that for long! Work your way though all the lessons below slowly to help you remember all the information best. With each Vowel we learn I’ll teach you at least one word that uses it to hopefully help your memory!

               Vowels Part 1: अ a and आ aa

               Vowels Part 2: इ i and ई ee

               Vowels Part 3: उ u and ऊ oo

               Vowels Part 4: ए e and ऐ ai

               Vowels Part 5: ओ o and औ au

               Vowels Part 6: ऋ ri

               Vowels Recap!

               Nasalized Vowels

Think you’ve mastered everything to do with the Vowels in Hindi? Have a go at this quiz and see just how well you’ve remember…

               Vowels Quiz!

When you’ve covered all these lessons head over to the Consonants Section by clicking here where, unsurprisingly, we learn all about the Consonants in Hindi!

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