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Lesson #12: Numbers 1 - 10

Numbers! These are pretty important Hindi words to know, don’t you think? I mean imagine walking into a shop, if you don’t know the numbers then how will you know how much to pay for something?! So today we’re going to learn the Hindi numbers zero to ten. 

You know in English we have the numerals 0,1,2… yeah? Well Hindi has it’s own set of numerals too, they look a bit like funny squiggles! They are still used today so it’s only right that I introduce you to them as we go through (but be aware English numerals are becoming more and more common!). So anyway here goes….

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Click play on the audio above to hear the numbers 1-10 pronounced! Be sure to listen to it loads of times to make sure you get your pronunciation perfect!


1      १    एक       ek

एक हाथी ek haathee  - One Elephant


2      २    दो         do

दो टमाटर do tamaatar  - Two Tomatoes


3      ३    तीन     teen

तीन घर teen ghar - Three Houses


4      ४    चार      caar

चार आदमी caar aadmee  - Four Men


5      ५    पाँच     paanc

पाँच फूल paanc phool - Five Flowers


6      ६    छः      chah

छः बिल्लियाँ chah billiyaan  - Six Cats


7      ७    सात     saat

सात केले saat kele - Seven Bananas 


8      ८    आठ     aath

आठ कुरसियाँ aath kursiyaan - Eight Chairs


9      ९    नौ        nau

नौ मछलियाँ nau machliyaan  - Nine Fish


10    १०   दस      das

दस किताबें das kitaaben  - Ten Books

Phew, wow! That was long, so congratulations if you’ve read all the way down to here! Hopefully amongst all the pictures you’ve picked up the words zero to ten! Try and practice them whenever you can because numbers are often tricky to remember. 

Oh and just as a bonus extra point to those wondering, the number 0 in Hindi is शून्य shoonya!

If you confused about how to change nouns into plurals (like going from किताब kitaab - book to किताबें kitaaben - books) then please check out Lesson #39 where we covered plurals!

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