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The Hindi Alphabet Game!

Every so often I come across some really great online resources that will help everyone with their Hindi learning. You can see all of these on the Links page! Today I want to share with you something else that I’ve recently found, The Hindi Alphabet Game courtesy of Digital Dialects. This is perfect for anyone trying to learn the Hindi Alphabet! 

                                     Click Here to go to the Game!

When you get to the site you’re presented with this screen above, showing you all the Hindi letters. You can click on each letter to hear it pronounced! Once you think you’re ready then you can click on ‘Play Game’ to get into the actual game part! 

                                     Click Here to go to the Game!

Once you’re into the game you then get presented with this little wheel of letters! Now the game begins - you hear a random letter pronounced (so make sure your speakers are on!) and you have to try and click on the right Hindi letter within the time limit! If you get it right you move on to another letter, and if you get it wrong it tells you what the right answer should be. 

This really is such a great tool for anyone trying to learn the Hindi alphabet, I really recommend you spend as long as you can on this game - just keep going until you get it right every time! Using this game, together with the Vowels Section and the Consonants Section of this website, you’ll be a master of the Hindi alphabet in no time! So be sure to Click Here and check the Hindi Alphabet Game!

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