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Lesson #102: Brothers and Sisters

In today’s lesson we’re going to learn how to talk about our brothers and sisters in Hindi. However today we’re going to do things a little differently - instead of me just listing the phrases to you I’m going to show you a conversation between two people and we’ll learn by simply observing and then copying them! At the end of this lesson there’s a bonus homework question, so try and use what you’ve learnt to answer it! 


The conversation is between two friends; मीना Meena and राहुल Rahul. So are you ready to begin? अच्छा acchaa - Great! Try and read through the whole conversation a few times before reading the translation below!

All I’m going to tell you to start with is that the word for Brother in Hindi is भाई bhaaee, and Sister is बहन bahan. So here goes…

Rahul: नमस्ते मीना, तुम कैसी हो? namaste meenaa, tum kaisee ho?

Meena: राहुल नमस्ते, मैं ठीक हूँ, तुम? raahul namaste, main theek hoon, tum?

Rahul: मैं ख़राब नहीं हूँ, थक गया हूँ  main kharaab naheen hoon, thak gayaa hoon.

Meena: अच्छा. तुम्हारे कितने भाई हैं? acchaa. tumhaare kitne bhaaee hain?

Rahul: मेरे दो भाई हैं, रोशन और विजय  mere do bhaaee hain roshan aur vijay. 


Rahul and his brothers - Roshan and Vijay!

Meena: और बहनें? तुम्हारी कितनी बहनें हैं? aur bahanen? tumharee kitnee bahanen hain? 

Rahul: अच्छा, मेरी कोई बहन नहीं है acchaa, meree koee bahen naheen hai.

Rahul: और तुम? तुम्हारे कितने भाई और बहनें हैं? aur tum? tumhare kitne bhaaee aur bahanen hain? 

Meena: मेरी सिर्फ़ एक बहन है, वह मुझसे बड़ी है  mere sirf ek bahan hai, voh mujhse baree hai. 


Meena and her only sister!

Rahul: हाँ अच्छा. नमस्ते haan acchaa. namaste

Meena: नमस्ते! namaste!

Ok wow! That was quite long so well done if you read it all the way though! How much did you understand? Don’t worry for now if there’s a few bits you found tricky, we’ll soon go through it all. But for now I want you to try and read it right the way through once more, so go on go back to the top and give it another go!

How was that? Did you find it better the second time? Great! Now I’m going to show you the translation so you can check all the bits you didn’t get…

Rahul: Hello Meena. How are you? 
Meena: Rahul, hello! I am ok, you? 
Rahul: I’m not bad, tired. 
Meena: Ok. How many brothers do you have? 
Rahul: I have two brothers, Roshan and Vijay.  
Meena: And sisters? How many sisters do you have? 
Rahul: Aah, I don’t have any sisters (literally - I have some sister not) 
Rahul: And you? How many brothers and sisters do you have?
Meena: I have only one sister. She is older than me (literally - bigger than me) 
Rahul: Aah, ok. Goodbye
Meena: Bye!

So how was that? Do you think you’ve understood it all now? Keep reading through and compare with the translation to make sure you get everything right! Are you ready for the homework question? Well here it is…


आपके कितने भाई और बहनें हैं?
aapke kitne bhaaee aur bahanen hain?

Simply leave a comment in the box below with your answer (in Hindi obviously!). Try and write in as much as detail you can, tell me everything about them. I look forward to reading your answers. Oh and I really don’t mind if you just make it up, I’m not going to check if you’re lying!

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