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Lesson #84: What Time is it? Part 2

Today we’re going to learn some more about telling the time in Hindi, then at the end of the lesson we’ll see some example sentences using the things we’ve learnt! It was a long time ago, back in Lesson #57, that we learnt how to ask ‘What time is it?’ in Hindi. Can you remember what it was? That’s right we say…

कितने बजे हैं? kitne baje hain
- What time is it?
Literally: How many bells? 

Also last time we leant how to reply with ‘it’s ___ o’clock’. Can you remember what we say? It’s easy! We just say, for example


दस बजे हैं das baje hain - It’s ten o’clock.

That should just all be revision from Lesson #57. Ready to learn something new? If you want to say ‘It’s half past ___’ then we simply put the word साढ़े saarhe before the hour. For example we can say….


But ‘Half Past 1’ and ‘Half Past 2’ do not follow this rule, they have their own special words in Hindi…


Now we can start building some simple sentences using what we know about telling the Time in Hindi! Ready?


मैं आठ बजे खाऊँगा
main aath baje khaoongaa
- I will eat at 8 o’clock.

Can you see how easy it is? We just slap the time in the middle of the sentence and that’s it, we don’t need anything else! Ready for some other examples? 


रोहित साढ़े दस बजे सो जाता है
rohit saarhe das baje so jaataa hai
- Rohit goes to sleep at half 10.


वे साढ़े सात बजे पढ़ते हैं
ve saarhe saat baje parhte hain
- They read at half past 7.

Do you get the idea? It’s easy isn’t it! Next time, in Part 3, we’ll learn how to say ‘Quarter to’ and ‘Quarter past’ in Hindi as well as seeing more complicated examples!

What Time is it? Part 3

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