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Lesson #127: प्यासा कौआ The Thirsty Crow

We’ve seen a few Hindi stories on this site so far. Can you remember any of them? Well right back in Lesson #66 we saw The Elephant’s Friendship, then we had a Popeye episode in Lesson #93 and then finally a video called The Loyal Mongoose in Lesson #112. Be sure to check them out if you haven’t seen them yet. Stories are such a great and fun way to learn and practice Hindi, don’t you think?

Anyway today we’re going to see another Hindi story! Only in this lesson it’s going to be slightly different - there’s no video this time, it’s just a few paragraphs of text - so we’ll be practicing our reading skills as well! 


The story is called प्यासा कौआ pyaasaa kauaa - The Thirsty Crow. It’s a really short and quite simple story so don’t get scared! Just after the story I’m going to put a little mini dictionary of some of the words you might not know so don’t be afraid if there’s words you don’t know first time you read it thought! Are you ready to get going then? Great! Here goes…

एक बार एक कौआ बहुत प्यासा था। उसको कहीं पानी नहीं मिल रहा था। बहुत ढूँढने पर उसको एक घड़ा दिखाई दिया। घड़े में बहुत थोड़ा सा पानी था। कौए की चोंच पानी तक नहीं पहुँच पा रही थी।

ek baar ek kauaa bahut pyaasaa thaa. usko kaheen paanee naheen mil rahaa thaa. bahut dhoondhne par usko ek gharaa dikhaaee diyaa. ghare men bahut thoraa saa paanee thaa. kaue kee conc paanee tak naheen pahunc paa rahee thee. 


वह बड़े ध्यान से सोचने लगा और उसे एक उपाय सूझा। पास ही पत्थर के कुछ टुकड़े पड़े थे। कौए ने एक एक पत्थर उठाया और घड़े में डालता गया। धीरे धीरे पानी ऊपर आने लगा। कौआ लगातार पत्थर डालता गया। जल्दी ही पानी इतना ऊपर आ गया कि कौए की चोंच वहाँ तक आराम से पहुँच गई। 

voh bare dhyaan se socne lagaa aur use ek upaay soojhaa. paas hee patthar ke kuch tukre pare the. kaue ne ek ek patthar uthaayaa ghare men daaltaa gayaa. dheere dheere paanee oopar aane lagaa. kauaa lagaataar patthar daaltaa gayaa. jaldee dee paanee itnaa oopar aa gayaa ki kaue kee conc vahaan tak aaraam se pahunc gaee

तब कौए ने पानी पिया और अपनी प्यास बुझाई। 

tab kaue ne paanee piyaa aur apnee pyaas bujhaaee

Phew ok! How was that? Did you understand any of it? Read it through again! Don’t be too worried if there was a lot you didn’t understand because the point isn’t to understand every single word, but more to just understand the general flow! Anyway here’s a quick glossary of some of the words you might not know…

एक बार ek baar - Once upon a time             कहीं kaheen - Somewhere 

ढूँढना dhoondhnaa- To look for                       घड़ा gharaa - Pot (M)

दिखाई देना dikhaaee denaa - To appear      थोड़ा thoraa - A little

चोंच conc - Beak (F)             पहुँच पाना pahunc paanaa - To manage to reach

ध्यान से dyaan se - Alternatively

सोचने लगाना socne lagaanaa - To begin to think

उपाय upaay - Remedy                            सूझना soojhnaa - To come to mind 

पत्थर patthar - Stone (M)                        टुकड़ा tukraa - Piece

डालना daalnaa - To put                         लगातार lagaataar - Continuously  

बुझाना bujaanaa - To quench

Phew! Ok now read through the story once more and this time you should be able to word out what most of the words mean! Can you follow the story now? Do you understand what’s happening? Here’s a question, can you figure out the moral of the story? 

Of course if you’re still a little confused about any words or sentences in the story then please feel free to leave a comment just below and I’ll be sure to help you out as soon as possible! 

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This story has been taken from http://www.Akhlesh.com/ be sure to check them out for more similar Hindi stories! 


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